lunes, 13 de octubre de 2008

Link to the Khyron_Prime Original Uncensored Report

Seen it the way my post my post got deleted by McHenry, in, and the way someone is making their way to censorship in the soo called Uncensord RDF HQ this will be my only post in English in this page. The unedited version of the KP Report is here:

Note: NO we don't punk!

I hate censorship in any way, if Tom Bateman and Alan Letz were fired that is news. If Tommy gets a pie in the face, even when I think that was low even for a no life punk like KP, that still news and I have to report it.

That report was public, was on the net, and It was not made by me. Was a no lifepunk opinion. I have recived a lot of messages asking to take this out, my post has been gotten deleted in by Mc Henry and my account got banned.

I'n unbanned now thank you

but the message will be out!

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