lunes, 13 de octubre de 2008

Tom Bateman Despedido/Renunció

Tal parece que cuendo se ajuntan muchos fans de Robotech las cosas corren, una de ellas es que aparentemente Tom Bateman fue despedido hace un par de semanas. No he podido confirmar esto ni con Tom ni con Tommy, asi que por ahora es solo un rumor.

Actualizado: Ya no es un Rumor esto fue confirmado por Kevin McKeever a KHYRON_PRIME (KP)

Mientras escibia esto, buscaba confirmación y los que lo saben, uno de ellos me dijo que Tom queria hacer al anuncio el y que no se supiera de esta forma.

Lo siento Tom esto es noticia, aqui estamos para ti cuando quieras comentar, ahora solo me falta la razon por la cual te botaron. Que se rumora fuertemente que tuvo que ver con Tommy.

Aqui les dejo extractos del repote de KHYRON_PRIME que parece que hicieron que bajara esto del net , pero antes yo lo grabe......hehehehe

“Will the Bateman brothers be there?”
"They won’t. They’ve actually left the company." Kevin to KP

Estarán los Hermanos Bateman?"
"No estarán, ellos dejaron la compañía"

Given the lack of Tom Bateman’s presence, I have no pity whatsoever for Harmony Gold any longer. I’m just hoping now for a double-dip of slamming McKeever and Yun with pies at once.
Can’t someone make a real Robocon, please?

Tom Bateman showed-up. I knew him immediately; he recognized me, too. There was nothing quite to say…yet.
While sitting-down and being bored to hell by the “adult” conversation of Scott Glasgow and Kevin McKeever telling a never-ending story of how Mr. Glasgow came ill on a past trip to New York Comic-Con after eating oysters and blah blah blah, I saw something I will not soon forget.
Tom Bateman, given the seat at the head of the adjacent table of Robotech fans, spoke casually with everyone and was generally having as good of a time as he could. Tommy Yune, looking to his own table, passes-by and taps Mr. Bateman on the shoulder, and without really looking in his direction or breaking stride, says “How’re ‘ya doin’?”
It took about one second before Tommy was at his table and Mr. Bateman was left with his face…snarling at this treatment.
He mouthed something to me. I could read the lips. “What-the-fuck?” And, from …a distance, I could only give him a thumbs-up, give a closed-lip smile, and feel the pain his face exuded.

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