martes, 28 de octubre de 2008

Robotech® Macross Saga Sourcebook

"Robotech® Macross® Saga Sourcebook

Ya salió a la ventaThe Macross® sourcebook, el mismo tiene mecha, vehículos, armas y personajes que hicieron famosos a Robotech.

Valkyries, Destroids, vehículos de tierra, aviones, naves espaciales, y todo sobre los Zentraedi

# Veritech Fighters.
# Destroids.
# 14 aircraft and aerospace vehicles.
# 13 ground vehicles, plus weapons and equipment.
# Zentraedi mecha & select spacecraft.
# Zentraedi warriors and their culture.
# Quick Roll Tables for Macross Characters.
# Ordinary People O.C.C., new skills and more.
# Notable anime characters statted out as NPCs.
# Detailed illustrations, comprehensive stats and information.
# Manga size for easy portability (5x7½ inches).
# Written by Jason Marker & Kevin Siembieda.
# Cover by Apollo Okamura.
# Interior art by Brian & Allen Manning, Mike Majestic and others.
# 256 pages (expanded) – $15.95 retail."


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